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Interface ITaskPropertyRefOptions




Optional appended

appended: boolean

Optional cardinality

cardinality: number

Define if multiple values are allowed

Optional default

default: any

Define the default value for the property

Optional format

format: string

Optional generated

generated: boolean

Generate automatically values for identifier

Optional handle

handle: (x: any) => any

Define the handle function which convert input to the expected

Type declaration

    • (x: any): any
    • Parameters

      • x: any

      Returns any

Optional identifier

identifier: boolean

Mark if value is representation of unique identifier

Optional metaType

metaType: string

metadata type of this options

Optional name

name: string

Other name then given propertyName to lookup parameter value in passed parameter object

Optional namespace

namespace: string

namespace for this object

Optional optional

optional: boolean

Describes if the parameter optional

Optional propertyName

propertyName: string

Optional propertyType

propertyType: "runtime" | "incoming" | "outgoing"

Property propertyType

Optional target

target: string | Function | ClassType<any>

target option

Optional type

type: Function | JS_DATA_TYPES

Define propertyType if primative

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