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Interface ITaskExectorOptions


  • ITaskExecutionRequestOptions
    • ITaskExectorOptions


[k: string]: any

Other values like parameters for the task



Optional executeOnMultipleNodes

executeOnMultipleNodes: number

should task be executed remotely on a number of nodes

Optional executionConcurrency

executionConcurrency: number

how many task with same names can run parallel on a node

Optional isLocal

isLocal: boolean

should task be executed locally, means on node calling the task

Optional passingTaskState

passingTaskState: string

Process on task event state

Optional randomWorkerSelection

randomWorkerSelection: boolean

random worker node selection

Optional remote

remote: boolean

should task be executed remotely means all other nodes

Optional skipRequiredThrow

skipRequiredThrow: boolean

skip throw error when required parameter found

Optional skipTargetCheck

skipTargetCheck: boolean

Ignore checking if worker node exists

Optional skipThrow

skipThrow: boolean

skip generic throwing

Optional targetId

targetId: string

targetId mean the nodeId were the task must be executed

Optional targetIds

targetIds: string[]

Ids of node where the task should be executed

Optional timeout

timeout: number


Optional waitForRemoteResults

waitForRemoteResults: boolean

Enable remote task listener

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