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Interface IRuntimeLoaderOptions


  • IRuntimeLoaderOptions



Optional appdir

appdir: string

declare the app path and where to lookup modules

Optional cachePath

cachePath: string


Optional disableCache

disableCache: boolean

Disable cache

Optional disabled

disabled: string[]

Declare disabled modules

Optional exclude

exclude: string[]

Minimatch include definitions for module paths.

Optional include

include: string[]

Minimatch include definitions for module paths.

Optional included

included: {}

Lists included modules

Type declaration

  • [modulName: string]: { enabled?: boolean }
    • Optional enabled?: boolean

Optional libs

libs: IClassesLib[]

Declare contextualised file lookups

Optional match

match: { enabled?: boolean; match?: any; name: string; params?: any }[]

Lists modules with enable or disable possibilty and additional parameters if needed

modules: match: - name: module* enabled: false

Optional packageKeys

packageKeys: string[]

Filter modules which have 'typexs' and here defined keys in package.json definition

Optional paths

paths: string[]

Paths from which the modules are search, default is the application root

Optional subModulPattern

subModulPattern: string[]

Lookup directory pattern for included submodules. (Default: 'node_modules')

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