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Interface IDistributedFindOptions




Optional cache

cache: boolean

Optional contollerHint

contollerHint: { className?: string; name?: string }

Type declaration

  • Optional className?: string
  • Optional name?: string

Optional filter

filter: (x: any) => boolean

Type declaration

    • (x: any): boolean
    • Parameters

      • x: any

      Returns boolean

Optional filterErrors

filterErrors: boolean

Optional hint

hint: string

hint for nodeId in find one

Optional limit

limit: number

Optional logger

logger: ILoggerApi

Optional offset

offset: number

Optional outputMode

outputMode: "map" | "only_value" | "embed_nodeId" | "responses"

Optional raw

raw: boolean

Optional skipLocal

skipLocal: boolean

Each message will be locally processed (calling getResponse; look in Message). With this flag it can be prevented.

Optional sort

sort: {}

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: "asc" | "desc"

Optional targetIds

targetIds: string[]

used for defining targets to send messages

Optional timeout

timeout: number

Optional waitIfNoTarget

waitIfNoTarget: boolean

If no selected targets are given then no message will be send to unknown hosts. This can be prevented be this flag. The message will be send to unknown hosts and will wait for response till it arrive or will be timed out.

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